We maintain a large inventory of electrical equipment for emergency repair on a sale or rental basis for short term, long term, and for emergency/disaster recovery:

  • New/reconditioned and used transformers 1-7000 kva in stock
    • almost all voltages and configurations
  • Low/medium/high voltage switches, breakers, switch gear and switch gear parts 120-38000 volt
  • Cable - 600 - 35000 volt with splicing and termination equipment
  • All types of construction equipment
  • Portable generators 25kw to 2000kw single unit
    • almost all voltages
  • Larger systems available to 10,000kw and above
  • Portable substations
  • Experienced personnel in emergency repair/disaster recovery
  • Low/medium/high voltage power system construction and repair, medium and high voltage repair
  • Process control, control system repair/replacement upgrades available
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